Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Universe Today: Florida v. NASA

The Ares V at the launchpad, plus artist's impression of what the anti-bat mesh would look like on launch day (NASA)

From the UniverseToday article:

Although NASA was not thought to be responsible for the death of the little animal at
first (calling the whole incident "sad but unavoidable"), a Florida state official is pursuing legal action against the ground staff at the Cape. According to state animal protection law, NASA may be charged with negligence, after making little effort to prevent “animal interaction” with the launchpad and apparent unwillingness to remove Brian by hand before launch. However, as investigated by the local press, there are far more animal deaths during shuttle launches than we realise...

Monday, March 30, 2009

New T-Shirt Design

Pinguino has created a wonderful new T-Shirt design for Space Bat!


Space Bat Celebrated in Song

52 Weeks has released a song for Space Bat.

So has JTPokie on YouTube.

Are there any other Space Bat tribute songs out there?

Space Bat Returns

CNN's coverage of Space Bat's return to earth. Thanks to Joel at DivX for the tip!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free Space Bat Shirt

Want a free Space Bat shirt? We'll be picking our favorite comment to this site soon, so make sure to speak your mind!

We've got enough comments on this entry... go pick another entry on this page to comment on! :)

Space Bat Pictures Around The Net

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nerd Girl Article on Space Bat

From the article, which covers the Space Bat phenomenon and it's implications to science jornalism:

According to the Nature article, the bulk of science communication is now being done over the web. Scientists are blogging, research institutes are twittering, and sites like are collating the press releases that feed the science media machine. SpaceBat, for example, probably appeared in a couple hundred newspapers but, in the days since his fiery, furry demise, has spawned over 25,000 Google hits, a tribute website, and a YouTube tribute video with nearly 120,000 views.

Space Bat on the Radio

Space Bat was featured on the radio.

Space Bat Goes To See The Moon

He hopped on a rocket to see his friend the moon.

Found on Penny Arcade, credited to Beavotron.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Photo Oppotunity

From The Internet Is Terrible

Space Bat In The Media

Some links:

Motivational Poster

Thanks to Kyle Melkert

Facebook Group

There is a new group for Space Bat on Facebook.


Overheard in forums discussing Space Bat:

"Sure is a tough way for NASA to flight qualify the external tank for secondary payloads."

"Space Bat are a really cool guy who goes into space and doesn't afraid of anything"

"What are you, DENSE? Are you RETARDED or something? Do you not know WHO I AM? I'm the goddamn SPACE BAT! "

"One small step for man, one giant health code violation for mankind..."

"He is the true symbol that anything is possiblle. He sacrificed himself to fulfill his dream of being the first bat in space. If a bat can cling to the tank of a space shuttle during lauch, then damnit, nothing is impossible. You will be remembered forever among countless generations of humans and bats alike. Godspeed, Spacebat, and rest in peace. We love you."

"Alone, cold and injured he clung to the shuttle. What's your excuse?"


"Do you people truly understand what happened here? There was a BAT hanging onto the FUEL TANK of the SPACE SHUTTLE that was being LAUNCHED into SPACE by ROCKETS. ROCKETS."

"Damnit, I promised I wouldn't cry"

Tee Shirt Designs

The 3 following Tee Shirts are available now!

The Launch of

As opposed to the launch of Space Bat himself.

A true hero...