Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Space Bat Pictures Around The Net


  1. R.I.P. Space Bat;

    He slipped the surly bonds of earth to punch the face of God.

    3-15. Never forget.

  2. I think my favorite quote so far was the NASA official who said, "We're characterizing him as unexpected debris and he's probably still unexpected debris somewhere."

    Yes he is. And an unexpected hero. *tear*

  3. Many people hotly debate Space Bat's reasons for going into space. He didn't go for himself. He went to teach humanity, who looked down on his kind, exactly what they were to become. You see, Space Bat had the right idea. There's no future on Earth; you've gotta look to the stars. Space Bat went into space leaving this cruel mistress of a planet behind.

    The world is shaped by the least likely of men, or in this case, bats. Not your politician bats or your CEO bats, but your everyday bats. Only everyday bats have what it takes to see beyond this horizon we call Earth.

    So fly space bat! Fly! If not for yourself then for humanity who needs inspiration!

  4. As he evaporated into nothingness, he thought to himself "Did I do it?" and the very soul of the universe replied "You sure did buddy. You sure did."

  5. god bless space bat!!!
    hope the journey was worth it my friend,and all your dreams came true doing it,wish you all the best wherever you are, we wont forget you,,,x x

  6. love you space bat,
    you brave little soul,
    hope you are in a better place,
    we will be thinking of you the world over,

  7. I added a link to the Space Bat FaceBook images set.

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